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Terms for "wiki" apart from the standard uitki

  • fu'epe'a litki cukta fu'o, "liquid book";
  • murse pe'a vreji, "glimmering record"

The Wiki as a repository of Lojbanic lore.

The Wiki as an example of "paegilchang" or 'data sculpture' (datni seltra).

(Liquid Book. How delightful! pevlikycukta?)

(Drop the ugly pev- prefix and add la: la likcku)

Anonymity of the Wiki. (Immaterial Cathedrals.)

Renaissance Memory Palaces. You keep running the maze until it is a part of you...

Graffiti Wall.

Conygry (rabbit burrow) for Information Diggers, datni kakpa pe'a. Opening a new window is like digging out a new chamber; making a new link is like digging a tunnel... Removing a portion is like filling in a hole.

cusku gubni ve cusku