the Prophet: Translation, Dubious Places

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The format of Location is <Chapter>:<Sentence>


06 May 2006|1:33|...lo cliva be lori te plixa...|Bad {ri}, point to ma or mi, not the leavers|The leavers were taged {ko'e} when they were introduced so {lo ko'e etc.}|

06 May 2006|1:31|fe lu xu le nu cliva djedi cu ba du le nu jmaji djedi|Bad use of {djedi}? I think these translate to "the event of leaving which takes (zo'e) days"|I think {sedetri} would be good here|

06 May 2006|1:22|...catlu cu se renro ti'a mi.|is casting a glance malglico?|Remove the renro and transform this into "a brief look back" or something?|

06 May 2006|1:20|...lonu mi cikra...|cikra isn't a word|{cikna} = awake|

06 May 2006|1:20| klama ce'i lonu...|why {ce'i} (percentage)?|remove {ce'i}?|

06 May 2006|1:20|.i so'eroi do te falnu...|{falnu} is a thing (sail) not an event (sailing)|{tu'a nunfalnu}? we want the event associated with a sail...|

06 May 2006|1:19|...doi ctaru sebevri...|should be a {.i} before the second doi?|I need to check the refgrmr|

06 May 2006|1:19|...po mi tcesau mamta|no conection between {mi} and {tcesau mamta}|{le mi etc.}? or find a connective to put between {mi} and etc.|

06 May 2006|1:18| krixu...|krixu isn't a word|{krixa} = cried out|

06 May 2006|1:17|...leko'a bloti goi ko'e klama le marbi .i ko'a viska le nu leko'a bloti goi ko'e cu klama le marbi kei...|Repeated section and double {goi}|Remove repeated section and/or remove second {goi} and replace with {ko'e}|

06 May 2006|1:2|...le nu xruti bloti kei...|{xruti bloti} is a tanru, not an event|Get rid of the {nu}, or change to {lonu le bloti cu xruti kei}|

06 May 2006|1:2|...ko'a cpare le cmana ze'o le tcadu bitmu lo ka galtu.|A bad x4 for {cpare} (the tool for climbing)|Get rid of {loka galtu}|

06 May 2006|1:2|...le paremoi nanca .e le zemoi djedi...|x1 of year/day is the thing of duration, not the duration|Add {se} to get to the number slot of year/day|

06 May 2006|1:1|'a cerni pe'a ke'a mo'u le pare senanca...|What stops the morning from getting tangled with the ending of the 12 years?|Add a {ku'o} to end the relative clause|

06 May 2006|1:1|...bevri ko'a...|variable referanced before assignment (ko'a with no attaching goi)|Should be {vo'a} to point at {denpa} x1 or {ko'a} should be assigned to {la .almustafas}|

18 Jan 2006|1:1|...le tcadu me'e la .orfaliz.|These are two separate, unconnected terms. Also, la .orfaliz. cu tcadu .i zo .orfaliz. cu cmene | {le tcadu po'u la .orfaliz.} or {le tcadu pe me'e zo .orfaliz.}|

18 Jan 2006|1:2|...ko'a cpare le cmana ze'o le tcadu bitmu lo ka galtu|"...he climbed the hill without the city walls"
1. 'Hill' is {cmama'a} (jbovlaste).
2. Is {loka galtu} really required for "climbing" in this context?| ko'a mo'i ga'u cpare le cmama'a ze'o le tcadu bitmu|

18 Jan 2006|1:1|...denpa le sexruti bloti le tcadu me'e la .orfaliz. le pu'u bevri ko'a le daplu pe le ko'a vejbena kei|{le pu'u bevri ko'a...} fits x4 of {denpa}, 'activity interrupted by waiting', so it means "waited, while not <something> carrying him to the island of his birth". In fact, this phrase must correspond to the ship, not waiting. |It's better to attach this restriction to {le bloti} with {poi}, but it disrupts the original structure of the sentence.|

18 Jan 2006|1:1|...pu denpa le sexruti bloti le tcadu...|1.{le tcadu} fits x3 of {denpa}, 'state of waiting', so it means "waited being a town".|use BAI modal.|