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Posted by xorxes on Tue 23 of Sep., 2003 21:39 GMT posts: 1912

Use this thread to discuss the Logic Language Draft 4.1 page.

"(quantifiers typically go with the axis = present tense marker)."

I'm not sure what that entails, but in Lojban we have:

ki: axis marker nau: speaker's (spatiotemporal) present marker ca: simultaneity marker

{ca} often indicates simultaneity with both axis and speaker's present, but not always, and those two don't always coincide.

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Posted by pycyn on Fri 26 of Sep., 2003 01:19 GMT posts: 2388


Sorry, that was about Bull, not Lojban. {ki} is closer to an axis than anything else (both readings). {ca} is strictly a 0-vector, which entails an axis, of course, and so can often be used as such a marker (or could, but for Lojban restrictions).

The bit about quantifiers remains generally true, with exceptions easy to set out in most languages. The changes seem harder in Lojban because of the uncertainty about rtelative scopes