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  • amateur radio station (naljibri cradi)
  • radio amateur (naljibri cradi sazri)
  • radio wave (selmakybo'a)
  • antenna (bonmaksi)
    • dipole (reljipno bonmaksi)
    • whip (pavjipno bonmaksi)
    • Yagi (me la iagis. bonmaksi)
  • transceiver (cradyvelcradi, veljoicradi)
  • frequency (xelbo'a)
  • wavelength (velbo'a)
  • band (xelbonseljimte)
  • modes
    • morse code (mors.)
    • digital modes
      • RTTY/Radio Teletype
      • FSK/Frequency Shift Keying
      • PSK/Phase Shift Keying (radno desku)
        • BPSK (xabycukla desku)
        • QPSK (pabvoncukla desku)
  • modulation (le boxna cu desku le datni)
    • carrier wave (ralxelbo'a)
    • CW/continuous wave (pavyxelbo'a, sinsyterbo'a)
    • sideband (mlaxelbo'a)
    • USB/upper sideband (sutra mlaxelbo'a)
    • LSB/lower sideband (masno mlaxelbo'a)
    • SSB/single sideband (pamei mlaxelbo'a)
    • AM/amplitude modulation
    • FM/frequency modulation

(Do people actually ever use PSK? In all the time I've spent investigating signal processing texts, the only place I've ever seen a reference to using phase shift encoding is 1200/2400 baud modems... --Jay)

Actually, SK31 is "keyboard chat" mode that has become very popular among radio amateurs since the last half of the 90's. This is probably because of the increase in processing capabilities of PC's, and better quality of sound cards. PSK31 has a high signal/noise ratio, narrow bandwidth (31 Hz), and is easy to use. -tsali (I would have said that in Lojban, if I only knew a good word for "mode"...)