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Written by la .iusris. In development:

Guide-words translations are included (within parenthesis) to aid the native speaker in differentiating between similarly-transliterated words. <tab class=wikitable> ' ahlan wa sahlan (welcome), al-hijra (The Emigration) a islam (Islam) e wajib (duty) i mufeed (useful) o u y ai au ei oi ia ya /vocative marker/ ie ii io iu ua wasi (wide), waseela (means) ue ui uo uu wufood (arrival) b bayt (house) c mushhoor (famous) d daleel (guide) f fi (in), mufawada (conference) g gamal abdel nasser /egyptian pronunciation/ j k kayf (how) k maksoor (broken) l m madeena (city) n nadee (club) p r marboot (connected) s madrassa (school) t tadrees (instruction) v x khidma (service), khibra (experience) z   </tab>