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These are projects which are semi-active and do not appear to have people directly responsible for them.


The dictionary project is now entirely subsumed by a combination of jbovlaste and the BPFK (or baupla fuzykamni). The rest of the discussion here is for historical interest only.

The draft Lojban dictionary is online, compiled primarily by lojbab. It needs to have lujvo and cmavo added to it. Volunteers are welcome at all levels of expertise for lujvo definition work; there are thousands of words to be defined with more created all the time. Nora LeChevalier serves as lead on the lujvo definition project. The set of working files for additions to the dictionary are available online.

Eaton Interface

Helen Eaton's 1930s-era list of the most frequently used concepts in 4 European languages has long been a benchmark for completeness of the Lojban lexicon. Volunteers are welcome to translate one or more pages of words from this list to Lojban. The file eaton.zip contains word lists by page and proposed TLI Loglan words for each concept (the tanru metaphors for the proposed TLI words are often very poor, but could spark ideas).

LogFlash 2

Nora LeChevalier is working on a version of LogFlash for learning rafsi and lujvo-making. The prior version became unmaintainably obsolete in 1989.

LogFlash Language Learning research

lojbab gathers data from all Lojbanists willing to use LogFlash on a systematic basis for a few months. This data will help prove or disprove the meaningfulness of the recognition scores used to create Lojban gismu and may lead to publishable general research in the field of second-language learning. Contact lojbab if interested.

TLI Loglan Interface

If there is ever to be a reunification of the two Loglan language communities, the first step will necessarily be a translation interface mapping words and grammar from TLI Loglan to Lojban (the other direction may also be desirable, but would be more difficult, and we intend to coalesce the community around the Lojban baseline in any event). The first step in this, a mapping of gismu and cmavo , has been done, although there has been no accounting for place structures of the TLI Loglan gismu , and the work may be slightly outdated. See oldlog.txt for the work that has been done.

Random Sentence Generator

This is being updated to be consistent with the baselined grammar. The existing program on this site dates back to grammar 2.08, about 8 years old. The update is low priority.

See also the random sentence generator page on the wiki.


Note that this project has largely been superseded by Lojban For Beginners, The Book.

A draft of the textbook is available online, but it is out of date and incomplete. No one is working on it right now; it is considered fairly low priority until the dictionary is done. The main limitation in the existing draft is that a lot of beginner texts are needed which are both interesting and without use of esoteric features of the language. People tend to move beyond the beginner stage very rapidly once they start trying to use the language non-trivially, and few therefore end up able to confine themselves to the most basic features of the language.

Inactive projects (September 2014)

These projects do not appear to have been active for some time


This project is headed by Gregory Dyke. The goal is to produce a collection of translated and original writings designed to show a wide sampling of a language. We need translations of texts generally a bit longer than the typical effort (1000-10000 words), and as wide a variety of texts and styles, from as many different source languages as possible. Original works in Lojban that exercise a variety of aspects of the language are even more important.

Lojbanic Phrasebook Project

This project is run by Robert Griffin, and the goal is to produce a Survival Guide to Lojban, based on the WW II language guides given the common American soldier. Presents a minimal vocabulary, based on common basic needs, to help in developing a small active vocabulary in Lojban. If you were stranded in Lojbanistan, away from the nearest English speaker this is the minimal vocabulary you would need to get by.


Jay Kominek has been charged with producing a new issue of the JL newsletter for board approval. JL and LK will resume publication as soon as the LLG address data base is brought up to date. Changes and additions were recorded on paper for around 6 years without being entered onto the computer, and we are obliged to account to people for their money balances.

Monthly Announcement Project

A project send monthly announcements of general interest to the Lojbanic community. Headed by Jay Kominek.

xartum: The Lojban Internet Nation and Online Game

Those who make a nominal donation to the LLG would be mailed a naturalization certificate and/or passport. No proficiency in Lojban required. This would carry a membership in a text-based online storytelling and world-building game, although they need not participate to receive citizenship. The self-amending game process would develop a fictional setting to serve for Lojban what Star Trek serves for Klingon. This game might also involve the upcoming Lojban "MOO" persistent text adventure world. Matt Arnold; when he is not writing medicine essays; will be heading this up.

Project Report As Of January 1, 2006

I last updated the Wiki page "xartum" on Tuesday. I have decided to wait until the Lojban MOO is usable before offering citizenship.

Project Report As Of February 4, 2006

In my last report I probably should have specified "usable by me." Technically it could launch now, I think. But I'll wait until Robin feels that the Lojban MOO is ready for the general Lojbanic populace.

Hebrew Translation Project

A project to translate Lojban materials into Hebrew, headed by Adam Raizen. So far, a Hebrew gismu List is being worked on. Please contribute!

Project Report as of 1 Dec 2002

The first draft of the translation of gismu which begin with B is complete.

Lojban for Beginners

Nick Nicholas and Robin Turner are working on an introductory text for those with no prior exposure to lojban. Take a look at the current version of Lojban for Beginners.

Lojban Use in the European Patent System

Hartmut Pilch is promoting the use of lojban in the European Patent System.

Lojban and Logic book and webpage

John Clifford is creating a book and companion web page on the use of and relationship between lojban and predicate logic. This project is currently considered inactive until the byfy work is completed.


ckafybarja is a compound word which appears to mean "coffee bar". It sounds vaguely Norwegian. Nick Nicholas and Veijo Vilvaare in charge of this project, and many others are working on it.

Alice in Wonderland translation

Jorge Llambias is the project manager for this translation, which aims to translate the complete text of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland into lojban. Many others are assisting with the translation.

French Website Translation

This project aims to translate the lojban.org web site into French. This project is headed by Gregory Dyke.

Esperanto Website Translation

This project aims to translate the lojban.org web site into Esperanto. Theodore Reed is the project manager.

Russian Website

A web site in Russian dedicated to lojban was planned. The content has since been moved to lojban.org.

Russian gismu list

Evgeny Sklyanin is compiling a Russian translation of the lojban gismu list.

Info as of 20 Jan 2006

Evgeny Sklyanin has finished his translation of the Lojban gismu list. It is now being proofread by Yanis Batura.

Burton Arabian Nights Translation

Bob LeChevalier is helming a project to translate the Sir Richard Burton translation of One Thousand Nights and a Night into lojban.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Chapter 1 Translation

Bob LeChevalier is helming a project to translate the first chapter of Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

The Legend of Zelda Translation

Theodore Reed is working on a lojban localization of the classic NES game, The Legend of Zelda.

Project Report As Of 01 Aug 2004

I've translated just about everything, but hit a road block when it comes to the method by which the game stores colored text data. I could make a translated version, but the opening story would be somewhat unreadable. Also, I'd need an artist to redraw the main screen, since it's in English.

The Prophet Translation

Matt Arnold is translating The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran into Lojban on this wiki.

Project Report As Of January 1, 2006

Someone else has joined me in this translation on the Wiki. All I know about him or her is the wiki username: brablonau. A total of 50 out of 870 verses have been translated so far.

Project Report As Of February 4, 2006

Wiki user adamgarrigus has joined the effort and has done a commendable amount of translation in a short period. Also, there is now a very helpful wiki page for problems in the translation to be discussed.

Russian Mailing List

Evgeny Sklyanin moderates a mailing list dedicated to discussion of lojban in Russian.

French Mailing List

There is a mailing list dedicated to discussion of lojban in French. You can subscribe at the lojban.org mailing list interface.

Lojban Webring

Robin Powell maintains the lojban webring, which you can join if you have a web site which has lojban-related content.

Lojban Links Page

Evgeny Sklyanin is building a page of Lojban-related links.

Mailing List and Language FAQS

Charles Hope is maintaining FAQ lists covering the lojban language and the lojban Mailing List.

jbosnu Mailing List

Charles Hope and Jorge Llambias are moderating the jbosnu list, which is for discussion is Lojban only. You can subscribe athttps://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/jbosnu/info.

Random Sentence Generator

Bob LeChevalier and Nora LeChevalier are working on a random generator which will produce a complete, well-formed lojban sentence from tokens.

TLI Loglan Interface

Steven Belknap and Bob LeChevalier are defining the linguistic relationships between Lojban and TLI Loglan and developing cross-language translation and teaching aids.

CVS/Wiki Lojban Phrasebook

Pierre Abbat is constructing a Wiki- and CVS-based lojban phrasebook. This is independent of Robert Griffin's phrasebook.

Parliamentary Rules

xod heads the committee on creating Lojban terms for parliamentary actions. Mark Shoulson is on the committee.

Report as of September 2002

I am actively working on it as I read and learn the Standard Parliamentary Rules.

Lojban Parser

Robin Lee Powell is creating yet another software parser that can parse lojban text, this one using Parsing Expression Grammars.

Project Report As Of 28 Dec 2005

The parser basically works, and I'd love to see more people using it and letting me know what they think.

Lojban Website Translation

This project aims to translate the lojban.org web site into lojban. Robin Powell is the project maintainer, although lately xorxeshas been doing a lot of the work.

Project Status As Of 18 Jan 2006

The following is from xorxes:

  • I translated almost everything that appeared visible to me on the web interface. I see now a few new menu items untranslated ("What's New", "Donate", "Recent Changes" and " Public Pages"), but they don't seem to show up on the list for translations.
  • There are a huge number of things still left untranslated (and the list seems to keep growing), but for most of them I can't find the context in which they are supposed to appear, so I stopped working on them.
  • I'm sure many of the translations need improvement, but without some feedback from others it's hard to know which ones.

Very little of the site content has been translated.

Eaton Interface

Bob LeChevalier is working on a translation of the Helen Eaton concept list into lojban.


jbofi'e (aka jbofihe) is a feature-rich parser for Lojban. Richard Curnow is the manager of this project.

Completed ProjectsLojban Adventure

Nick Nicholas translated the text portion of the classic Colossal Cave text adventure game into Lojban several years ago. At the time there were plans to update an old Adventure program to support the new text, but the current state of adventure game design suggests that someone use the game engine called Inform (which has a specific manual for writing adventure games in translation). See the rec.arts.int-fiction FAQ.

Update Late November 2002

This project has been completed with the help of a number of lojbanists. See Colossal Cave for details.