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For a list of recent changes, look at the news page.

This page consists of a list of active committees of the LLG. The minutes should give details about most things on this page, although other committees may have been assigned in board meetings since then.

In general, committee heads will be e-mailed once a month with a request for a report on their activities for the LLG. If you wish a different frequency, please e-mail the webmaster.

Minimum frequency of reporting for committee heads is monthly, unless you've arranged with the President of LLG for lesser frequency. If you aren't responding to a request for a report, the President may appoint someone else to head the committee.

Active Committees

baupla fuzykamni

Headed by Robin Powell, the baupla fuzykamni (aka byfy, BPFK, and banpla fuzykamni) is charged with a variety of tasks related to the development of lojban. The BPFK was formed by the Official Baseline Statement. For more information, please visit the main BPFK page.

The BPFK has a sub-committee, headed by Nora LeChevalier, which is working on a formal morphology algorithm for Lojban.

The BPFK has been charged by the board with reviewing texts for baseline compliance.

Committee Report as of 18 Jan 2006

The BPFK has completed five checkpoints; see BPFK Checkpoints.

We are currently running rather slowly, and actively seeking new


Completed Or Terminated Committees

The Level 0 Package

Headed by John Cowan, the original goal of this committee was to produce a small informational packet to give out for free, or nearly so, to those who were interested in lojban in general. It has since grown into something of a book.

The book has been published, and is now available online.

Committee Report as of 19 September 2002

The book is very close to completion, requiring only some editing and formal acceptance on the part of the board.

New Book Keeping Procedures

Headed by Bob LeChevalier, the goal of this committee is to set up new book keeping methods for the LLG, and in particular to take advantage of a $500 donation made specifically for this purpose, which expires January 28, 2003.

Committee Report as of 18 Jan 2006

The books are being maintained on a quarterly basis with no significant errors or problems.

Committee Report as of 7 July 2004

The current committee consists of Robin Lee Powell, who is now the Secretary / Treasurer and as such is the actual user of the new procedures.

I received the QuickBooks files and software and so on earlier this year (around March, I think?). They were balanced to the end of 2003 and that time.

I have now balanced the books two quarters in a row, more-or-less on time, using the new procedures (QuickBooks, PayPal, and so on) with no known problems. Everything seems to be working just fine.

Committee Report as of 26 January 2003

After many false starts, the current committee consists of me (lojbab), Nora LeChevalier, and Gary Burgess.

Using part of the donation, LLG purchased a copy of Quick Books Professional. Nora and lojbab have extracted the existing accounting data, ported it to an Excel spreadsheet, and Gary has been spending considerable time as a volunteer, massaging the data to overcome problems importing various fields into QuickBooks, setting up QuickBook account files which match the data, and determining the procedures that LLG will use in accounting using QuickBooks. Total time spent in the last couple of weeks has exceeded 25 person-hours, but Gary is asking for no payment, so we expect no additional use of the donation offer before it expires. He expects to complete the data conversion in a visit to lojbab's home in February.

Meanwhile, book orders have been brought up to date as of today, manual account books are next to be brought up-to-date, followed by payment of back sales taxes. All of the manual account transactions since 1994 will have to be entered into Quickbooks once the old accounts data is converted, and a set of known address changes will need to be entered prior to resuming JL/LK publication. Most of those transactions are the 400-odd book sales, which should be simple but time consuming. When we get to that point, we may seek a new donation to cover those costs, but it will not be within the time period of this offer; the committee will be more specific in how it will use the money in seeking such a donation, if expenditures are necessary. When the set of transactions and address changes to be entered has been clearly identified, lojbab will be supplying these in a form that allows input as efficiently as possible, but the specifics will depend on the procedures that Gary has devised using Quickbooks.