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Is Anyone in There?


You never know who is in a bathroom! Thus, better check before you enter. JP and Liliana talk about how to do this and all the other things that can happen in Mexican bathrooms ... The key sentence is: está ocupado – it's busy/someone's in here.

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Audio Lesson

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lo ninmu: Está ocupado. noicon
lo nanmu: Ah, disculpe. noicon
lo ninmu: No hay problema. Puede pasar. noicon
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Dialogue with Translation

lo ninmu: Está ocupado. noicon
(it) is busy
woman: It's busy.
lo nanmu: Ah, disculpe. noicon
oh (you) pardon (me)
man: Oh, sorry.
lo ninmu: No hay problema. Puede pasar. noicon
not there is problem (you) can pass
woman: There's no problem. You can go in.
ocupado/ocupada – busy
las damas – the ladies
los caballeros – the gentlemen

Vocabulary for Dialogue

la mujer noun (feminine) the woman
el hombre noun (masculine) the man
estar verb (infinitive) to be
ocupar verb (infinitive) to occupy
ocupado verb (participle) occupied
ocupado/ocupada adjective (m./f.) busy, taken
ah interjection oh
disculpar verb (infinitive) to pardon
¡(usted) disculpe! verb (imperative) you pardon! (formal, singular)
no adverb not
hay verb (present tense) there is, there are
el problema noun (masculine) the problem
poder verb (infinitive) to be able
(usted) puede verb (present tense) you can (formal, singular)
pasar verb (infinitive) to pass
(usted) puede pasar phrase you can go ahead

Vocabulary for Audio Lesson

el baño noun (masculine) the bathroom
comer verb (infinitive) to eat
bailar verb (infinitive) to dance
vomitar verb (infinitive) to vomit
la dama noun (feminine) the lady
las damas noun (plural, feminine) the ladies
el caballero noun (masculine) the gentleman
los caballeros noun (plural, masculine) the gentlemen
¿está ocupado? phrase is it busy/taken?
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More Vocabulary

This section includes grammatically related words. Some of them are required by the exercise Dialogue Recast.

estar infinitive to be
(yo) estoy present tense I am
(tú) estás you are (informal, singular)
(él/ella) está he/she(/it) is
(usted) está you are (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) estamos we are (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) estáis you are (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) están they are (m./f.)
(ustedes) están you are (formal, plural)
disculpar infinitive to pardon
¡(tú) disculpa! imperative (you) pardon! (informal, singular)
¡(usted) disculpe! (you) pardon! (formal, singular)
¡(nosotros/-as) disculpemos! (let's) pardon! (m./f.)
¡(vosotros/-as) disculpad! (you) pardon! (informal, plural, m./f.)
¡(ustedes) disculpen! (you) pardon! (formal, plural)
poder infinitive to be able
(yo) puedo present tense I can
(tú) puedes you can (informal, singular)
(él/ella) puede he/she(/it) can
(usted) puede you can (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) podemos we can (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) podéis you can (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) pueden they can (m./f.)
(ustedes) pueden you can (formal, plural)
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Dialogue Translation

Translate from Lojban to English. Click each bar to check your answer. If possible, read the Lojban sentences aloud.

Está ocupado.

It's busy.

Ah, disculpe.

Oh, sorry.

No hay problema. Puede pasar.

There's no problem. You can go in.

Dialogue Recall

Now translate from English to Lojban. Remember to say the Lojban sentences aloud.

It's busy.

Está ocupado.

Oh, sorry. (formal)

Ah, disculpe.

There's no problem. You can go in. (formal)

No hay problema. Puede pasar.

Dialogue Remix

Translate this variant of the dialogue from English to Lojban.

Is the bathroom busy?

¿El baño está ocupado?

It's busy!

¡Está ocupado!

No problem.

No hay problema.

You cannot enter! (formal)

¡No puede pasar!

Oh, sorry! (formal)

Ah, disculpe.

Dialogue Recast

This translation exercise requires some of the words from the More Vocabulary section.

It's busy.

Está ocupado.

Oh, sorry. (informal)

Ah, disculpa.

There's no problem. You can go in. (informal)

No hay problema. Puedes pasar.

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