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The designers of a new langague are seeking input. The person who submits the most useful suggestion will receive free a signed limited edition of The Complete Grammar of Simplang, a language mathmatically proven to have the smallest possible grammar.

Input is sought for the design of Inoffensish. This language is to allow people to make statements about the world that won't offend anyone. For example, these two sentences would translate to exactly the same sentence:

In 1492 Columbus discovered

America and brought

Christianity to the new


In 1492 white europeans began

a centuries-long program of

genocide against native


In Inoffensish both sentences would mean something like:

In 1492 Columbus opened the

new world to Europeans, which

has had profound effects,

both good and bad, for

aboriginal North Americans.

The purposes for this langague

peace studies, diplomacy, press

releases by groups dependent on

government funds, etc.

Send in your suggestion now!

(taken from [

Originally] published with side-by-side Esperanto translation. Anyone want to do it in lojban?

I seem to recall an implementation of this, called by the same name, from the eminently brilliant and humorous Jacques Guy a.k.a. frogguy. Here's a link: [

The] obvious way to implement it is to make Christianity and Genocide be the same word...

That's it, exactly! It's the BS-ish business (so much loved in our flat and hypocritical western society - esp. the U.S.!) to call something white-black or right-wrong or "Let us all be happy and peaceful, clap our hands and sing ..."