How to learn Lojban?

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Here is a concise algorithm of how to start learning Lojban.

Duplicate resources were removed to make it shorter and thus more effective.

Start reading
"The Crash Course"
link=[The Crash Course (a draft)
After reading first sections of Chapter 1 you may read
Lojban in simple phrases.
once in a while.
Also available in PDF.
Whenever you like:
search the dictionary
la sutysisku.png
for the Crash Course.
search the live dictionary
la jbovlaste.png
which has more words although they are added by live speakers and may not always be proofread.
try searching for arbitrary words in
the database of sentences
La Muplis.png
Some of the sentences are not proofread by fluent speakers of Lojban.
Join the chat
and try talking to other Lojbanists when they appear there. Try asking them questions.