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djin's proposal

Hah, seeing all sorts of weird orthographies I wondered why no one suggested a Georgian orthography. (well, actually, I didn't wonder, but I do so like the squiggly alphabet)

Here's just a list of correspondences. It was fairly simple, however I had to grab Q'ar for y. Of course that was a basically random decision.

Period and comma I think map fairly easily onto Georgian, maybe'd have to use the paragraph-ender punctuation for the period and just the Georgian comma or period for the comma.

  • ' = Hae
  • a = An
  • b = Ban
  • c = Shin
  • d = Don
  • e = En
  • f = P'ar
  • g = Gan
  • i = In
  • j = Zhar
  • k = Kar
  • l = Las
  • m = Man
  • n = Nar
  • o = On
  • p = Par
  • r = Rae
  • s = San
  • t = Tan
  • u = Un
  • v = Vin
  • x = Khan
  • y = Q'ar
  • z = Zen

Feel free to improve (there's plenty of room for improvement--- I only know a little Georgian). -- djin

sicybif's proposal

While [f] and [ə] don't exist in Georgian, there are some extensions of mkhedruli made for other languages of Caucasus region. Therefore I propose the following orthography:

character name latin equivalent
ani a
bani b
gani g
doni d
eni e
vini v
zeni z
tani t
ini i
lasi l
mani m
nari n
oni o
zhani j
rae r
sani s
uni u
pari p
kani k
shini c
khani x
hae '
fi f
shva y
elifi .