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How about this:

All gismu which do not share their first four letters with an official gismu are hereby reserved as nonce-gismu.

  • John Cowan:
    • ... think the gismu blocking rules (Chapter 4, Section 14) need to be imposed in any such proposal. I would find it very confusing if people started to use 'gisnu' or 'blidi'.
      • Jay, not sure what he thinks about this proposal, but it probably isn't good:
        • If people are being annoyingly confusing, do the same thing you'd do if they were speaking in English or something.
          • .kreig.daniyl.:
            • If people say things like gisnu or blidi, they are probably doing so for humorous or poetic intent; this merely opens up the free gismu space for creativity.
              • Adam:
                • The point of the gismu blocking rules is that if you hear a word like gisnu, you can immediately assume that you misheard or the word was mispronounced and gismu was meant. So clearly gismu blocking rules should be applied to experimental gismu.
                  • I suppose you're right. But it really doesn't matter, there is still an awful lot of free gismu space left anyway.
  • .kreig.daniyl.:
    • They have no inherent meaning, but may be given one with cei and are used in the manner of the broda series. Thus, you can keep using pitsa to mean a pizza, but you must say something to explain the vague idea of pizza first, then append cei pitsa onto it. One can use salsa to mean salsa, but to do so first clarify it with a sentence using some other brivla - probably sasno - with cei salsa. You get the idea.

Argument CON

Yes, but! What if one person uses "xogro" experimentally, and another person uses "kogro" experimentally? These aren't blocked by any standard gisnu; but they do block each other, so one has to win -- which one? Whichever one is being used in that particular conversation. cei-bound words lose their meaning when you say co'o and go chat with someone else.

Of course, non-standard gicmu are non-standard, so making prescriptions about them is kinda silly, but John Cowan would like to see the community adopt some subset of type 4 fu'ivla for this purpose. We have already blocked off CCV'VCV for cultural pseudo-gismu.

  • But people use non-standard gismu. If they are encouraged to bind them with cei, we will at least not have to memorize or look up salsa; we just remember the form of sasno they bound it to.