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Probably the most accurate translation of "Politically Correct" as it is actually used, would be .i'enai, or perhaps ro'a.i'esaije'unai. But assuming there are occasions when it does possess denotive meaning, this may be taken as referring to actions or attitudes which conform to more or less subtle ideologically-motivated social coercion on the part of the "Left". (For the time being I will ignore this last aspect because it is rather inconvenient not to have a corresponding term for coercion from the "Right"--unless it be the doublespeak usage of "patriotic".)

Thus, 'idea-system' sibyci'e (as opposed to tcaci or jecta in origin) 'socially necessitated' jikselni'i (as opposed to less subtle forms of coercion bapli) 'derogative' mabla.

Translating this using drani ignores the implicit irony of the term; nobody uses it who wants to laud something according to their own ideology.

mi'e maikl.

drani has an x4 place for standard, so using drani doesn't mean correct by the speaker's standard.

then drani fo le mabla