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If you're interested in translating descriptions of the elements, there is a public domain mini-dictionary of the elements at [1] It is public domain, so there isn't any need for this, but anyone translating it into Lojban has my explicit permission to do so. (If nothing else, it is a comprehensive listing of the IUPAC element names) --Jay

Here's the periodic table in Lojban: [2] --phma

Chemical morphology is much like Lojban morphology. I therefore think that for Lojban to become a good language to write chemistry in, we need a set of gismu (preferably with rafsi) for concepts such as x1 is an aldehyde derived from x2, x1 is an alkene with x2 carbon atoms and double bonds at locations x3, and x1 is an ether of radicals x2 and x3. We already have silna, slami, jilka, and xalka.

  • gikla gil x1 is a radical of x2. e.g. jaurgikla = hydroxyl, jaurgilsodna = sodium hydroxide.
  • xudvu xud xu'u x1 is an aldehyde derived from x2
  • gresu ges x1 is an alkene derived from x2, with double bond at x3
  • grisu gis x1 is an alkyne derived from x2, with triple bond at x3
  • benzo bez x1 is an aromatic compound characterized by/derived from x2
  • trona x1 is an amine of x2
  • truna x1 is an imine of x2 and x3
  • metli x1 is methane; x1 is a methyl compound of type x2
  • xetli x1 is ethane; x1 is an ethyl compound of type x2
  • zmase 'enzyme, -ase' x1 catalyzes reaction x2 (nu)
  • tonke x1 is a ketone of x2 and x3

gresu and grisu are derived from grasu; ctile would be semantically better, but the rafsi aren't available, although ctile CouldaBeenRafsi ould have had the rafsi cle.

xudvu is made from consonants of xalka, cidro, and vimcu with semi-arbitrary vowels.

trona and truna are derived from trano. So an amino acid is tronyslami (also lanbysle but tronyslami also applies to nylon monomers) and reltabgresu reltrona vonsarvanslami is EDTA.

For acids, though, I feel that the perXic/hypoXous system is too arbitrary. I suggest instead lujvo like cancmucibykijyslami.


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