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Greek folk tale translated by Nick Nicholas (originally in ju'i lobypli 18)

.i!ka'upuki le prenu goi ko'a cu mutce nelci lenu kelci loi kelkarda .i ko'a ze'i cusku fi leko'a speni fe <> .i la xrist. cu te cusku le sego'i gi'e frasku <> .ike'unai ca le mijdo'i la xrist. noi se kansa roleri tadni cu klama .i leko'a speni {bazi lenu viska ri joi ra} cusku <> .i la xrist. cusku <> .i nicygai le jubme .i zutse mu'i lenu citka .i la xrist. cestoldapma le nanba .i ri banzu tu'a lei citka gi'e .u'a dukse

Once a man loved playing cards. One day, he said to his wife, "Invite Christ here so we can offer him lunch." Christ was told this and responded "I'll come." So, at noon Christ, accompanied by all his student, came there. The man's wife, upon seeing them, said: "Oh, there won't be enough bread!" Christ said: "I think it will. This is the bread we've got, so this is what we'll eat." The table was spread, and they sat to eat. Christ blessed the bread. It was enough --- more than enough for those present!

no'i la xrist. ba cpacu loi vanju {mu'i lenu pinxe kei} gi'e te preti fo ko'a {felenu ko'a djica lenu la xrist. dunda dakau ko'a} .i lei tadni cu cusku <> .i ku'i ko'a cusku fi la xrist. fe <> .i la xrist. cusku <> .i la xrist. ba cpacu le remoi kabri .i cusku <> .i lei tadni cu cusku fi ko'a fe <> li'u>> .i ko'a cusku <> .i la xrist. cusku <> .i la xrist. ba cpacu le cimoi kabri .i <> .i ko'a bazi cusku <> .i la xrist. cusku <> .i la xrist. baza cliva .i ko'a co'a kelkarda kelci .i ko'a jinga fi ro kelkansa .i la xrist. kucyga'a se sfacatra .ipujecajebabo ko'a kelci .ue.i'enairu'e

Christ then took wine to drink, and asked the man what he wanted Christ to give him. The students said "Ask for the kingdom of heaven!" But he said to Christ: "I have an apple tree, which people always come and eat apples from. So I want anyone who goes to the tree to get stuck onto it." Christ said "As you wish, so it will be done." Christ took a second cup, and said "What do you want me to give you?" The students told him "Say 'Give me the kingdom of heaven!'" He said "No; I want to win every time I play cards." Christ said "As you wish, so it will be done." Christ took a third cup. "What do you want me to give you?" He then said "The kingdom of heaven." Christ said "As you wish, so it will be done." Christ left, later on, and the man started playing cards. He won over everyone he played with. Christ was crucified, and the man kept on playing!

ni'o la xrist. klagau lo notcrida noi cusku fi ko'a fe <> .i ko'a cusku <> .i le notcrida cu klama {mu'i lenu citka kei} gi'e se lasna .i lego'i cu cpesku <> .i ko'a cusku <> gi'e di'i kelci .i ko'a ca lenu mo'u se cinri lenu kelci cu klama le notcrida gi'e cusku <> .i ko'a joi le notcrida klama fo le daptutra gi'e viska la xades. noi se kansa pare se jdadapma .i ko'a cusku <> .i la xades. zanru .i ri joi ko'a co'a kelci .i ko'a ba cusku <> .i ko'a lebna le se jdadapma gi'e klama le cevzda

Christ sent an angel, who told him "Christ sent me to take you away. You've played enough! Your life is over." He said "Fine. Do go and have some apples. Then I'll come with you." The angel went to eat, and got stuck. He begged the man: "Please come and get me off here!" He said "I'll come to you, but NOT before I feel like it!", and kept on playing. When he got bored of playing, he came to the angel and said, "I'll get you off the tree, and will come along with you now." They went past Hell, and saw Hades with twelve damned people. He said "I'll gamble with you! If you win, I stay here forever; if I win, I get these damned people." Hades approved, and they started playing. He then said "Three by five makes fifteen, plus one makes sixteen! So give me those damned." He took the damned and went to heaven.

no'i la xrist. ca lenu ko'a joi le drata cu klama ra cu cusku <> .i ko'a cusku <> .iseni'ibo!zo'o la xrist. zanru tu'a ropaci klama

When the man and the others came, Christ said "I asked you, one person, to come to me. You've brought too many people here!" He said "And when I invited you to offer you lunch, I asked you, one person, to come to me. But you brought thirteen! So I'm bringing you thirteen too." ERGO, Christ let all thirteen in.