BPFK Checkpoint: Magic Words

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BPFK Checkpoint: Magic Words #1|Magic Words #1

Completed 11 Feb 2005.

It has become obvious in my exploration of trying to make a formalism for the pre-processor sections of grammar.300 (see my new grammar page) that the interaction between the various magic words (si, sa, su, zo, zoi, zei, bu, y, etc) is extremely ill-defined. It needs to be fixed. This is going to be rather unpleasent.


  • Quotations as of 11 Feb 2005 LU LOhU LEhU LIhU ZO ZOI
    • Hopefully only ZO and ZOI will be relevant here, but the interaction of SI and LOhU/LEhU is also up for grabs. If this section hasn't been hit by the time we get to this checkpoint, we might as well do the whole thing.
    • FAhO only, I expect (what does "mi cusku lu fa'o li'u" mean?).