a Cmavo for Unspecific Previously-Uttered Bridi

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[19:01] <ksion> No but seriously: your suggestion about {go'i} is one of dumbest Lojban ideas I've ever heard, and that's something ;P

[19:02] <vensa> :) it comes from my laziness and wanting to be able to answer "yes" as shortly as possible

[19:02] <vensa> like the teenagers who shorten "yes" to "ye"

[19:02] <vensa> *yeh"

[19:03] <@xalbo> In seriousness, it's that sort of thing that gives tinkering a bad name. "{goi} is shorter than {go'i}, so we should change it." "That breaks the sequence." "What sequence?"

[19:03] <@xalbo> Wanting to change things without understanding why they are the way they are makes people more apt to reject your "ideas" out of hand.

[19:03] <vensa> I understand why it is that way

[19:03] <vensa> I just thought since we already wrecked the {tel} series, who cares

[19:04] <vensa> but Ill admit I would maybe prefer it another way

[19:04] <labnytru> Mm...

[19:04] <vensa> leave go'i

[19:04] <labnytru> Have I ever mentioned how much I love this channel?

[19:04] <@Broca> I'm pretty sure sel ter vel xel came after the rafsi of the gismu were assigned.

[19:04] <labnytru> It is one of the intellectual wonders of the world.

[19:04] <vensa> maybe just ADD {goi} to mean something to the extent of "unspecific bridi" (understandable from context)

[19:04] <UukGoblin> labnytru, no, but yuo mentioned you have infinite amounts of money, or something like that ;-]

[19:04] <vensa> just like we have {do'i}

[19:05] <vensa> and give today's {goi} some other long cmavo

[19:05] <vensa> that way, we could have the best of both worlds

[19:05] <vensa> + we'll gain a bridi versio of {do'i} wich is missing IMO

[19:05] <@xalbo> Except that we lose {goi}, which is handy.

[19:06] <vensa> xalbo: you dont lose it

[19:06] <ksion> zo co'e djica lonu tavla do doi la vensa

[19:06] <vensa> define it some other CV'VV cmavo

[19:06] <@Broca> vensa: you do know that we already have a word for “unspecified bridi”?

[19:06] <vensa> ohhhh

[19:06] <vensa> oops

[19:06] <vensa> yeah. I was told that before actually

[19:06] <vensa> co'e

[19:06] <vensa> sorry

[19:07] <vensa> so, can I answer a {xu} question by saying {co'e}?

[19:07] <labnytru> One day, I'm going to write up a description of Lojbanistan as a physical country...the natural beauty of humankind's intellectual apex will be unsurpassed.

[19:07] <labnytru> It'll be like...language and mathematical allegories and shit.

[19:07] <vensa> valsi do'i

[19:07] <@xalbo> You can. But it could mean either {go'i} or {na go'i}.

[19:07] <valsi> do'i = pro-sumti: elliptical/unspecified utterance variable.

[19:07] <UukGoblin> labnytru, define 'one day'

[19:08] <vensa> hmm... then I want a cmavo for "unspecific BUT ALSO *previously uttered*"

[19:08] <selpa`i> Answering {co'e} is like saying "whatever I dont care, fuck off"

[19:08] <labnytru> After I learn the language completely and finish my first book, "Cleft: The Epic of Rend'ii".

[19:08] <@xalbo> it is written, go no to the jbopre for counsel, for they will say both {go'i} and {na go'i}, as well as {go'i na'i}, {na'e go'i}, {to'e go'i}, and {mi gletu lo mamta be do}

[19:08] <vensa> that way {co'e} cant be {na go'i} becuz noone uttered the negation of the bridi in question. understand?

[19:08] <vensa> .u'i

[19:09] <ksion> xa'a'a

[19:09] <UukGoblin> labnytru, might take a while then ;-]

[19:09] <labnytru> Indeed.

[19:09] <ksion> doi la xalbo zo co'e se smuni la'e lu mi gletu lo mamta be do li'u va'o lonu la kribacr vi zvati kei po'o

[19:10] <vensa> .u'i

[19:10] <@Broca> vensa: you want something that is unspecified wrt go'a and go'u?

[19:10] <vensa> broca: yes. but add {go'e} and {go'i}

[19:10] <@xalbo> mi gletu cei broda lo mamta be do

[19:10] <kribacr> .i broda

[19:10] <kribacr> .i si'a broda

[19:10] <kribacr> .i pu broda

[19:10] <kribacr> .i ba'o broda

[19:10] <vensa> something that is one of the {go'a go'e go'i go'u}

[19:11] <@xalbo> (Now I'm gong to snicker every time someone uses {broda} without redefining, until I forget again)

[19:11] <kribacr> .u'i

[19:11] <vensa> and give it the cmavo {goi}

[19:11] <vensa> I think that would be beautiful AND coherent

[19:11] <@xalbo> vensa: Why in the name of fuck do you believe this word is more important than {goi}?

[19:11] <@Broca> Whoa, that is a very specific level of unspecificness.

[19:11] <vensa> kribacr: do you hear a ding when someone says {kribacr} or {gletu}?

[19:12] <kribacr> haha

[19:12] <@xalbo> vensa: Actually, he just highlights on {mamta}

[19:12] <kribacr> kribacr yes.

[19:12] <labnytru> Shoot.

[19:12] <labnytru> I was going to make a fancy speech, but then I realized that I shouldn't do that here without speaking in Lojban.

[19:12] <vensa> xalbo: becuz it would allow we to answer {xu} questions (something that happens MORE OFTEN than using {goi}) with a single syllable AND not break the GOhA pattern

[19:12] <kribacr> I'm using the webchat at work because I'm lazy. It only highlights on my name.

[19:12] <labnytru> It would be shameful to say it in English.

[19:13] <@Broca> xalbo: because he wants natlang “yeah”, and doesn't care about “henceforth referred to as”.

[19:13] <vensa> exactly! :)

[19:13] <ksion> ko pilno zo ie

[19:13] <vensa> broca: I still care about "henceforth refered to as" enough to give it a different cmavo

[19:14] <vensa> ksion: I was told that once

[19:14] <vensa> but it's not exactly the same thing

[19:14] <ksion> ke'u ko pilno zo ie

[19:14] <ksion> Close enough for someone who wants to redefine {go'i} ;P

[19:14] <@xalbo> You have already used more syllables in this conversation than you will saying {ja'a go'i} for the rest of your life.

[19:14] <vensa> .u'isai

[19:14] <selpa`i> haha

[19:15] <labnytru> In Lojbanistan, everyone looks like Nu Mou from Final Fantasy Tactics A & A2.

[19:15] * ksion shudders at though that vensa might realise about {na go'i} having - shock! horror! - TWO more syllabes than "no".

[19:15] <vensa> If that's your last remaining argument, I will count this as a victory :)

[19:15] <ksion> .y. mi pu da'i bilga lonu smaji

[19:16] <vensa> ksion: I'm thinking of replacing {nago'i} with {noi} jk

[19:16] <ksion> .ii.u'i

[19:16] <labnytru> We all wear really comfortable robes and live in the natural beauty of Lojbanistan, using optimized systems theory technology to provide all of life's necessities without money.

[19:16] <@xalbo> vensa: You can count it as whatever you like. That will only increment the number of things you are wrong about, which is a small percent error.

[19:17] <labnytru> Free love, free land, free minds...

[19:17] <labnytru> Free life.

[19:17] <vensa> .u'i