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jbojbe Lojban-born

These are by Pierre Abbat:

  • bluble: anemic
  • blablu: venous blood
  • brabru: broom
  • brobri: clause in Hebrew
  • ckacke: ashamed of bed
  • ckicke: ashamed to explain
  • ckicku: a book of explanations
  • cliclu: full of learning
  • cmicme: name used by a member (mu'a zo .eksetor. cmicme la djeimyz. bardin. la cnici be la natmi)
  • cnucna: manual shovel
  • cnocni: deeply emotional
  • cnecni: varyingly emotional
  • cpacpe: to request someone to get
  • cracro: to hurt in front
  • ctecti: eating at night
  • djadji: want food
  • djudji: want to help
  • djedja: the food one eats in a day
  • dzidzu: one who walks low
  • flufle: to float downstream
  • flufli: to fail to float
  • flofla: law governing fields
  • frufra: to react by frowning
  • glegla: "steamy"
  • jbijbu: nearby table
  • jbojbe: native of Lojbanistan
  • jdajdi: to decide on a religion
  • jvijva: the rules of the game
  • kloklu: local culture
  • krukro: bent in a curve
  • krekra: hair follicle
  • mlemlu: seem beautiful
  • mrumro: dead of a hammer injury
  • pleplo: origami
  • propri: the opposition press
  • skaske: the science of color
  • skiske: descriptive science
  • skoske: chordology
  • slusli: muscular tremor
  • smusmi: similar in meaning
  • snesnu: discuss dreams
  • snesni: symbols in dreams
  • spaspo: to destroy plants
  • spaspe: graft two plants together
  • srusri: enclosing ribbon
  • stasto: remain constant
  • stusta: remain at a site
  • tcetcu: very needy
  • tcotca: South American city
  • tratri: behave attractively
  • trutro: to govern and control
  • tsatsu: strong and thick
  • vrovra: lever that opens a door
  • xrixre: wheat mixture
  • zgizga: listen to music
  • zmizma: more automatic

Since there are a finite number of vlivla, and it would not be difficult to write a computer program to generate a complete list, I feel that the real art of vlivla (as with lujyjvo) is using them, not making them. - .kreig.daniyl.