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      • Requires that your OS cope with 'Astral Planes' (i.e. Unicode characters past hex 0xFFFF), which is where Tengwar keeps good company with Etruscan and Deseret --- though also Musical notations (including Byzantine and Gregorian neumes), Hieroglyphs, Mayan, and the oodles of Cantonese-specific characters that wouldn't fit below 0xFFFF. Making it cope is non-trivial in several instances.
        • Huh? Tengwar currently starts at 0xE000 That's the Private Use section of Unicode, which means it's not intended as a permanent solution or canonical mapping. The proposal proper is for 0x1xxxx, and has not yet been approved. It will likelier fare better than Klingon pIqaD, though... :-(
          • Ooops
    • Are there any other Unicode Tengwar Fonts? (I'm working on a yudit mode for Tengwar, and Code2001 has spacing issues)
    • aTT for Windows, Linux, and other OS's
      • Canonical lojban and xwaver's mode available