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"Tatoeba.org" is a live multilingual collaborative database of sentences in human languages.

Its name comes from the Japanese word 例えば ([tatoeba]), meaning "for example".

Unlike other online dictionaries, which focus on words, Tatoeba focuses on translation of complete sentences.

All languages are equal in Tatoeba. Any sentence can be linked to any other sentence thus creating a multilingual set of translations. A sentence can have multiple translations within a single language, but its translations into all languages are readily visible, as are indirect translations that involve a chain of stepwise links from one language to another.

Registration is mandatory in order for a user to contribute sentences, translations, and comments.

If a translation of a sentence is incorrect any user can comment on it.

As of May 2014 Lojban had > 10 000 sentences there.

Corpus maintainers can also change translations directly in case the author of a translation doesn't react on commenting his or her sentence. That's why it is advised to notify corpus maintainers about such problems.

The current corpus maintainer in Lojban direction is: la gleki