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An issue associated with Korzybski (whose slogan, "The

Map Is Not The Territory", has found a home in sci-fi

lore) but such questions can be found even as far back

as Augustine. Of course, the most extreme form of this

--identical with Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis apir-Whorf taken literally-- is obviously

false: we DO perceive things we don't have a name for,

nor are we bound to believe that things exist merely

because we have words for them. But it is good to be able

to refer to this tendency succinctly. "Reification" is a

feature of several mental illnesses (although this concept

itself is a bit of a reification--see Foucault), and insofar

as it often accompanies severely ideological political stances,

there may eventually develop a consensus that these are not

two separate phenomena, one treatable by medicine and the other

requiring such accommodations as may prove fatal to democratic

societies,--but one.

And one is also allowed to ask the question: what would

"Lojbanic reification" be?