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list includes lujvo made from slang gismu

lezbo lesbian
x1 is a lesbian na'e mabla And Rosta
lezge homosexual
x1 is homosexual na'e mabla And Rosta
pufke poof
x1 is a poof, homosexual man na'e mabla And Rosta
tolpufke heterosexual
x1 is heterosexual na'e mabla And Rosta
tilju x1 is a pedant Adjective: pedantic (This was made by shortening the lujvo tilju'edu'u, which is perhaps the most 'proper' word for this concept)

As with all these (to my mind treasonous :-) ) proposals, could you please indicate who the proposer is, and whether they have seen any use in text? Same request has been made for experimental cmavo -- nitcion

PS. I'd add norlezge for bi (or transsexual), but I don't want to actually encourage this stuff... ('slang gismu', that is; not bisexuality!)

How come pufke is na'e mabla? At least the English keyword sounds mabla-ish to me. Similarly, if you want an uncontroversial term for "heterosexual man," stick with tolylezge (after all, tolpufke doesn't make sense for women either). All of this presumably treats sexual preference, not "manliness," machismo, effeminateness, butch-ness, etc (if so, again, pufke doesn't belong). All in all, I, too, am not really impressed by these --mi'e mark.

  • Hopefully pufke being na'e mabla will help demablatize the English word poof to you, then. And yes, they treat sexual preference, not manliness, effeminacy, etc. And Rosta (& btw, Mark, I think terki is ace.) Thanks (I always need reassurance)! Maybe it should grow into its own page at some point though. --mark