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<languages />Stanislav Lem described a dictionary, where the term "sepulka" sends the reader to "sepulkaria", which sends to "sepulenie", which, in its turn, sends back to "sepulka", giving practically no definition of the term.

i va'o lo vlaste poi la Sy Lem cu skicu vau lo cnino valsi cu se pilno faunai lo nu skicu lo smuni be vo'a i vajni fa lo nu pilno fe po'o lo pu pilno valsi ja lo drata tutci be lo nu skicu i ri se mupli lo skicu pixra

In Lojban "deep brivla structure" principle allows to express any verb (brivla) as a clause that uses other cmavo and syntactic glue (cmavo).

The goal is the same as of physicists: there would be the Last Theory where any component can be derived from all other components by using a formula.

This might lead to the problem of sepulkas. In order to avoid it such chains shown by S. Lem have to be detected in an explanatory Lojban-Lojban dictionary and be disrupted.

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