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The original text came from "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle (1968), a few paragraphs before the end :

"He cupped his hands for the Princess Alison Jocelyn, and she climbed wearily and in some bewilderment to the saddle. Schmendrick turned the horse, saying, "You will surely overtake him with ease, for he will be riding slowly. He is a good man, and a hero greater than any cause is worth. I send all my princesses to him. His name is Lir."

Look here for comments on round 1 (by Greg)

1. Greg Dyke

.i la cmendrik. goi ko'a puki zukte lenu lei ri xance cu kevna kei tu'a la prinsEs. .Alis,n. djOs,l,n. .ibo ri cpare .u'inairo'o .uanairu'e fi le xirli'ustizu .i ko'a gasnu lenu le xirma cu carna kei secu'u di'e

ki tu'e .i ju'o do bazi backla fu'i fo'a ni'i leza'i fo'a baca'a masno xirkla .i fo'a xamgu nanmu gi'e banli leka vrinau semau le vamji be roda poi telda'a .i mi benji ro lemi tixnu be nolraitru ku fo'a .i fo'a selcme zo lir. tu'u

2. Craig Daniel

Shmendrick was making his hand into a cave pertaining to princess Allison Joselyn. And she climbs, wearily, toward the horse-travel chair. Shmendrick causes the horse to turn, saying, "Certainly you will soon come beyond, easily for him - because logically he will continue to be slowly horse-coming. He is a good man, and he is great in the property of bravery ; braver than the value of everything that is faught over! I transfer all my daughters of non-extreme government to him! He is named Leer."

3. Pierre Abbat

ni'o la cmendrik. zbasu le kevna be sera'a la .Alison .DJAselin noi noltruti'u be'o le xance .i ri tatpi cpare fi le xirli'ustizu .i la cmendrik. cargau le xirma gi'e cusku lu ju'o do baza backla co frili ko'a .ini'ibo ko'a ca'o logji ke masno xirkla .i.o'a ko'a xamgu nanmu .ije ko'a banli leka virnu gi'esa'unai vrizma le vamji be piro terda'a .i mi dunda ro le naltce turni tixnu be mi be'o ko'a .i ko'a se cmene zo malzgan.

4. And Rosta

Shmendrick made Princess Alison Jocelin's hollow from the hands that crept tiredly towards the saddle. Shmendrick turned the horse and said "Indeed, in time you will surpass them easily and therefore they're riding slowly calculatedly. How proud I am! -- they're good men, and great too, in that they are brave and, furthermore, braver than anything worth fighting about. I gave each of my princesslings to them. Malzgan is their name.

5. Jorge Llambias

la cmendrik zbasu le kevna be le nolraiti'u po'u la alizn djoseln lei xance poi tatpi snomu'u le xirstizu i cy cargau le xirma gi'e cusku lu ju'o zaku do ba se frili le nu do bancu ko'a i seki'ubo

ko'a tezu'e masno le nu xirli'u i o'a ko'a xamgu nanmu gi'e ji'a banli le ka virnu kei gi'e ji'a vrimau ro da poi ke'a se vamji le nu damba fi ke'a i mi pu dunda ro le mi nolraiti'upanzi ko'a

i zo malzgan cmene ko'a li'u

6. Rob Speer

Shmendrick creates the cavity in Princess Alison Joselyn out of the hands which tiredly, slowly move to the saddle. He turns the horse and says, "I know that, for a while, you will find it easy to exceed him; therefore, he will make sure to ride the horse slowly. He is a good man, he is great in his courage as well, and he is more brave than anything which is worth fighting over. I have given him to all my princess daughters. Malzgan is his name."

7. Xod

la cmendrik. ca zbasu le kevna be le da'amoi ke fetsi nobli po'u la .alisn,djosel,n. be'o le xance poi ke'a tatpi jebo masno muvdu le xirma trixe stizu .i C cargau le xirma gi'e cusku

".i ju'ocai do ze'aba bancu fu'idai fi ko'a .i ja'o ko'a masno .a'i

xirkla .i ko'a xamgu nanmu je ji'a virnu banli je zmadu fi le kamdarsi fe

roda poi mapti pa'e cnemu fi le zumdamba fo ke'a .i mi ba'o dunda ko'a ro

da'amoi ke fetsi nobli ke'e tixnu be mi .i ko'a du la malzgan."

8. Evgeni Sklyanin

With his hand moving wearily and slowly towards the saddle, Schmendrick made a hole in Alison Jocelyn, the penultimate princess. He turned the horse and said: "No doubt, soon you'll easily transcend in his qualities. Thus, he is a slow rider. In the way of valour, he is great and braver than any deserved battle reward. I have already granted him to all penultimate princesses who are my daughters. His name is Evil Eye."