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Would any Lojbanists be remotely interested in the idea of carrying on a play by email role playing game, in Lojban?

What game system? If it's White Wolf (the only one I know) then I (la .kreig.daniyl.) would be interested. Other systems I can maybe pick up enough of, since PBEM tends not to be very rules-intensive.

It would surely be open to discussion. I'm familiar with AD 2nd Ed, Shadowrun, and Battletech. Just picked up WW's V:tM book out of curiousity. Interesting things could be done with making the game focus on creative use of language and narration (all in Lojban), IMO. --Jay

I would certainly be interested. I would recommend using Fudge; It is very

flexible and mechanics light. (and its free). The author has a site:

My attraction to white wolf is that it allows for much more versatile magic than any other RPG system (my favorite of their games is mage); and they have a very realistic setting, even for fantasy gaming. Lojbanically, werewolf might be interesting - try thinking up names for all the changing breeds!

If you want, I can translate character sheets, but they won't look good since I don't have acrobat.

Fudge looks interesting; although we would all have to learn the rules, it looks easy. My favorite is still WW (especially but not exclusively Mage), but I'm willing to try out others. - la .kreig.daniyl.

Well, I think that the way this will have to operate is: Someone volunteers to be the GM. They pick the system and see if they can get enough people together. If they can't get enough people for a given system, they choose a different one, or give up and let someone else to GM for a different system. I'm not volunteering to GM, merely to play. :) (And I'll do any of the systems mentioned up to this point on the page, plus anything else the GM feels I'd be competent enough to play.) Fudge has a number of bonus points going for it in that we could, if motivated, translate the whole shabang into Lojban, and be completely legally safe. --Jay

A bit more about Fudge:

The center piece of the game is the rating system they use.

It is a scale from 'Superb' to 'Terrible':

  • Superb (+3)
  • Great (+2)
  • Good (+1)
  • Fair (+0)
  • Mediocre (-1)
  • Poor (-2)
  • Terrible (-3)

Translating that scale into Lojban without getting redundant (or silly)

might be a challenge. Here is a PDF of the

ull rules. And here is a brief verview.

Ho! When I see a scale of seven value terms, I reach for my cai, sai, ru'e, cu'i, ru'enai, sainai, cainai. --John Cowan

What a great idea! I think that just might work.

What about he Window? This system appears to be much more free-form, and places more emphasis on the development of the story rather than the mechanics of hack-n-slash. I personally have never played according to this system before, but it looks interesting. --kc5tja

(Keep going with the discussion here)

Ok, lets try an informal poll of what systems people would be interested in. Below is a list of systems. Everybody can rank 3 systems from most favorite to least favorite to play. The one you want to play most, you stick a 3 next to. The one you want to play least, stick a 1 next to. (The one in the middle gets a 2). Then, in the parentheses next to the name of the system, place the sum of all the votes, and if you're really daring, resort them so they're ranked. :)

  • Fudge (9) 2 3 3 1
  • White Wolf, World of Darkness (8) 2 3 3
  • Shadowrun (6) 3 1 2
  • D&D 3rd Edition/D20 (5) 2 3
  • AD&D (5) 1 2 2
  • GURPS (4) 1 2 1
  • Heroes Unlimited (3) 3
  • Champions/Hero System (2) 2
  • Battletech/Mechwarrior
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Rifts
  • Warhammer

If I left your favorite off the list, then by all means, add it, (but only if you're going to vote for it, no sense in a bunch of empty things on the list.) --Jay