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This web site is called Lojbanic MediaWiki (LMW), or (within its content) le uitki. It integrates

  • a wiki and thus can be edited by you, the user
  • a web forum system
  • quizzes
  • audio/video hosting
  • FAQs

LMW is being developed by the Lojban community. Right now there are 2,048 articles in LMW. As of now LMW is running on Mediawiki 1.38.4.

How to contribute

The wiki uses the same engine as Wikipedia called MediaWiki. So if you have technical problems with improving this wiki you can search for the necessary information applied to Wikipedia or MediaWiki.

If you want to contribute the basic recommendations are:

  1. fix formatting of any broken page you find, add necessary hyperlinks, if the page is too hard to understand add {{jbocre/en}} in the beginning of the code on each of such pages.
  2. Create new pages, add hyperlinks to other pages on the wiki in them, and add hyperlinks in other pages to your page.
  3. Feel freedom. The wiki is made for you too, not for just one person.

Basic Wiki Editing

To edit a Wiki page, you first need to register (use the link in the upper right corner), then after your account is approved you need to log in.

You should then see a tab that says "Edit", in the upper toolbar. Click that to enter the editing interface.

You should be able to mostly just type whatever you want, but if you want to do anything complicated, either open this Mediawiki help guide. Note that paragraphs are separated by two blank lines, so you can hit return once anywhere you like.

To create a new page, just link to it from another page.

If you are creating or editing a page please consider the following conventions:

  • Lojbanic text has bold text reserved for it. .i dei lojbo jufra
  • Translation to other languages have italic text reserved for them. This is an English sentence.
  • Glossing text (showing its structure) is done by text wrapped in <code>...</code> tags. This -is-an-example-of a text-structure.
  • Words are emphasized by underlining them.
  • You can receive e-mail notification on any wiki page change by placing the page to your watchlist by checking the Star (star.svg) button.
  • Discussions related to pages are in "Discussion" tab in the toolbar
  • Pages must not contain the symbol ")" (right bracket).
  • You can see last n pages changed and also pages changed in last n days
    • You can see a link to a difference chart of what was changed in the page. You can also use "History" tab for that

Other trivia

If you are seeking admin help, try the Lojban IRC channel.

Prefixes to pages

Pages can start with a prefix:

  • proga (like this very page) is for stuff related to technical issues of this wiki
  • jboske and BPFK are for pages related to BPFK work

How to add the interface for a new language

Managing LMW

If you are in charge of LMW ...

Discussions of how to develop Lojban wikis

ToDo and the future of le uitki

This section is a central place in coordinating what needs to be done on the wiki. This is a list of things that still needs to be added to it or are under consideration.

Please add anything you feel is missing or needs fixing. When a feature is already added, delete the string with it, or move it to a "Done" section below.

  • Improve Lojbanic Software page.
  • Replace the old Tiki ( while retaining all the stuff. As of August 2013 this goal is complete. The two wikis are slowly drifting apart since April 2013. Otherwise LMW contains all the stuff from the tiki including text and attachments (files). However, in the tiki files are attached to pages whereas in LMW they are in a separate namespace "File:" and thus need to be linked from other pages directly. Or you can use the wiki search to find files by their names. You are welcome to copy new content from the old wiki to this one until the old tiki is frozen making this one official. Since the old wiki is not much active this drifting apart is not a serious problem. Importing new content from the tiki can be done when LMW is announced as an official wiki.
  • Split all the content using pages prefixes: "proga", "jboske"/"BPFK". Add templates to the top of pages where needed. E.g. add to the code of pages that describe rants and tricky questions regarding Lojban not usable by lo nintadni (i.e. new users).
    • Some pages are imported from the old tiki, those are a subject to move to other categories or deleted if they are of no use.
    • "Stub:" - pages to be developed and moved to the first category.
  • Fix all links on te gerna la lojban page. Add missing texts. At least one copy of each text must be inside the wiki in mediawiki format (you may still post additional links to texts in other formats). No need in localizing this page to other languages. Write in in Lojban
  • Check if the links that lead from the main page always end in well-formatted pages without missing hyperlinks.
  • check whether old and outdated translations exist
  • nicer layout, for the front page, toolbars.
  • News block is not developed in LMW. Look at those fancy welcome pages at or We need something like that.
    • News must be either in Lojban only or localized. This also applies to Lojban timeline.
    • the news section is not very good advertisement imo. when i read it as a newbie, with one 10sec clip released in 2007, and two news in 2008, i think the community is almost dead. so, maybe add some news?
      • la selkik:
      • The problem is that there is LOTS of new news. There's plenty of news. I don't see any reason to rewrite that ancient text with some recent news and leave it on the front page though. It's weird. It's as if by adding some particular thing that happened I'm sanctioning the erroneous impression it gives that hardly anything ever happens in jbogu'e. So I say we just archive that news to an article called "News That Used To Be Up On The Main Page For Ages Even Though After A Little While It Wasn't News And Started To Give The Wrong Impression" (except shorter, probably) and forget about it. Who's in?
      • la gleki:
        [la selpa'i]] wanted a newspaper in Lojban.
  • Write up a page for Crash Course, L4B, similar to What Is Lojban?, The Book or The Complete Lojban Language
  • The Contribute page needs expanding. Preferably showing the various ways one can contribute to the Lojban collective e.g. via Jbovlaste, the Wiki,, jboselkei, etc.
  • Port the whole of CLL to the wiki
  • Maybe produce an online version of Lojban for Beginners


  • Clicking on the flags on the welcome screen changes the interface (e.g. the left sidebar) accordingly.
  • An instruction on how to add the interface for a new language if you have Lojbani stuff in the language not present on the main page with flags.