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when someone is just learning a language,  they end up looking up words a-lot.  A dictionary is just not the right tool for looking up a list of words, but what is?  This tool will be provided with some lojban text by the user,  and will help the user read it in several ways.
[[jbocre: Calque|Calque]] of '[[jbocre: Esperanto|Esperanto]]', favoured by [[User:tsali|tsali]].
1 It will read each sentence out loud to the user.
2 It will teach sentence structure by providing the user with jbofi'e output for each sentence in the provided text.
3 It will display the definition for each word in the text as the user reads so that they do not need to look up every
single word they do not know.
a very preliminary alfa version can be found [http://sourceforge.net/projects/lojread here].
and a screenshot [http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=182445 here]

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Calque of 'Esperanto', favoured by tsali.