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We already have nine color gismu, RGB and CMY along with brown, white, black, and gray.

We also have violet (a tertiary color) and orange (also tertiary). My opinion is that if we have two tertiary colors (four if you count gray and brown) then we should have all six (or eight)

  • xunre - red
  • pelxu - yellow
  • crino - green
  • banlu - blue
  • bunre - brown
  • cicna - cyan
  • narju - orange
  • nukni - magenta
  • zirpu - violet
  • xekri - black
  • blabi - white
  • grusi - gray

I propose that we also add:

  • azure(cyan-blue)
  • rose(magenta-red)
  • chartreuse(yellow-cyan)
  • spring green(green-cyan)

Something for "tan" might also be useful. Sand, skin colors, environmental features, etc. --Plastic Raven

To the gismu list. Attached (because for some reason it won't post correctly) is the original conversation on IRC between myself and Lindar.