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The four types of languages:

  • Isolating (sapyvlakai)
  • Inflecting (vlatikykai)
  • Agglutinative (niprafkai)
  • Polysynthetic (clajvokai)

la lojban. mo bangu .i xu sapivlakai go'i .i sapyvlakai joi clajvokai

What sort of language is Lojban ? (isolating?) part isolating, part polysynthetic Don't rafsi make it more agglutinative than polysynthetic?


  • Case (tersu'i)
    • Nominative (gasnu)
    • Accusative (selri'a)
      • Doesn't this mean "that which is brought into being" (effected) rather than "that which is acted upon" (affected)? --mi'e braiyn
    • Genitive (ponse)
    • Dative (terdu'a)
    • Instrumental (selpli)
    • (another use for instrumental in IE) (selkansa)
    • Locative (selzva)
    • Prepositional (=locative in Slavic) (seltcita)
    • Ablative (tervi'u)
    • Vocative (selta'a)
    • Ergative (zukte)