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  • n is traditionally /N/, but I thought the /n/ character looked unatractive.
  • x and ' are both traditionally /h/, there was no /x/. (Correction: they are both /x/. I had looked at the roman transliteration only on the chart I had seen. The cyrillic one shows the h letters as x.)
  • y was traditionally /j/, there was no /@/ character.
  • z was originally /dz/ but there was no /z/.
  • It is written top to bottem in columns from left to right. The sticks at the tops and bottoms of letters connect.

- .kreig.daniyl.

Mongolian alphabet goes back to the old Syriac script. I'm happy that the Mongolians meanwhile have dropped the "Russian" script and seemingly more and more return to their traditional beautiful writing system. (When I was there about ten years from now, they had adopted the Roman characters). -.aulun.

I was of the impression most eurasian alphabets went back to either estrangela yriac or brahmi.