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Note of caution: the lujvo lists are unpublished, often antiquated, and even more often reflect actual usage as opposed to what people might consider good usage. Therefore the 'errata' of lujvo therein will be more frequent than for elsewhere.

Errata here should be limited to wrong rafsi, which are uncontroversially in error. Errata in definitions should go to Jbovlaste at [1]

  • xukske (meleagrology) should be xumske (chemistry). Likewise, xuksle should be xumsle.
  • xisli'icutci should be xilyli'icutci.
  • zarsle (which appears without definition in lujvo-list, but is absent from NORALUJV.txt) is probably an error for zaisle (a single shop in a market).
  • sfefli, sfesti, and sfestigau should be sefyfli fa'uzo'e.