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Official flag of Lojban

creka lojban-2400.svg

Read more about the flag of Lojban.

Main Lojban symbols

lo drata sinxa poi se finti la'oi Eppcott

i lo pagbu lo bi'unai pixra cu se tarmi lo parbi po la'oi Fibonacci ge'u a li fi'u a lo fi'u zei kurfa i lo go'i cu sinxa lo nu lo gerna javni ciste cu prane e lo nu pagbu nu preja i lo go'i na'e minra ma'i ro lo farna i lo nu go'i cu sinxa pa tadji be lo nu katni lo valsi e lo nu genturfa'i i za'u denpa bu cu sinxa mu te sumti pe lo sampu jufra pe la lojban i gau lo birka lo go'i cu jorne lo bridi

Inside the mind is the thought of that relationship, so the head is between the first and second blanks, just like the relationship word or phrase in a Lojban sentence.

The whole top section represents precise syntax. It is extended downward to become a human form. This anthropomorphic figure personalizes the ideogram and symbolizes:

Cultural neutrality, algorithmically derived from six of the largest languages of our species.

Root word choices derived from anthropomorphic concerns.

Attitudinals, which can be combined modularly into one of the most thorough catalogs of the human heart offered by any language.

Lojbanic Soviet symbols

loi vrici lanci