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In order to Lojbanize scientific terms to Lojban the following conventions are used:

  1. names of organs, names of widespread animals and plants are to be taken from major languages so that they are easier memorized
  2. Linnaean names, names of specific organs are to prefixed: animals with dal-, plants with spa-
  3. birds with cpi- which breaks the system of course
    dalko'ala - koala, dalgeko - gecko, cpikakadu - cockatoo

Elementary particles

<tab class="wikitable sortable" head=top> English term lojbo xe fanva sumti stura Atom ratni atomic nucleus ratnymidju nuclide (i.e., specific configuration of Z-value, N-value, and energy state for a particular atomic nucleus) atomic electron cloud lektoni zei dilnu orbital state (i.e., state and behavior of an electron based on its orbital probability distribution) lektoni zei dilnu tcini behavioral state/effect of atomic electron cloud, i.e., photon-mediated attractive force (Coulomb force) lektoni zei dilnu se rinka isotone mintu sekai lo ka lo nurtoni poi cmima lo se rutni be ce’u isobar teryratni mintu, teryratmi'u nuclear isomer / nuclear energy state stodyfrica rutni / frica fi loka nejni lo ka stodi / mintu sekai lo ka rutni ce’u ce’u??? stable nuclide isotope mintu selyratni ground state of nuclide excited state or nuclide mirror nucleus unstable/radioactive/radionuclide Particles/Quantons kantu fermion fermioni anti-fermion tolyfermioni boson elbozoni boson. fundamental “force” (e.g., electromagnetism, strong, weak, gravity, dark energy) elbozoni nu vlipa quark kuarka anti-quark tolkuarka “string” (from string theory) stringi vibration of “string” (from string theory) stringi nu vlipa lepton leptoni anti-lepton tolyleptoni acceleron (hypothetical particle associated with theories of dark energy) akceleroni dark energy (i.e., counter-gravitational “force” that is accelerating the expansion of the universe akceleroni nejni/nu vlipa quark’s “flavor” and “color” up galtykuarka charm lo semanci be lo kuarka, kuarka'yselmanci top galtytrajykuarka red xunrykuarka green crinykuarka blue blanykuarka bottom dizlytrajykuarka strange cizrykuarka down dizlykuarka the particular type of lepton (or anti-lepton): muon cmuioni charged lepton (i.e., non-neutrino lepton) tau lepton, tauon ctauoni electron lektoni electron neutrino leknurtini muon neutrino cmunurtini tau neutrino ctanurtini neutrino (i.e., any of the three types) nurtini the particular type of boson and/or its associated interaction or “force” : graviton/gravity gravitoni weak gauge boson (i.e., either the W+, the W-, or the Z) / the weak interaction or force uigbozoni W+ boson / the weak interaction or force as mediated by the W+ boson (use PLV1/1 suffix to indicate the W- boson) Z-zero boson / the weak interaction or force as mediated by the Z-zero boson nonbozoni Higgs boson / Higgs mechanism xigzoni gluon / the strong interaction or color force gluioni photon [as associated with electrical phenomenon] / electricity gusnioni photon / electromagnetism gusnioni the supersymetrical partner of the particular particle (i.e., its “sparticle” counterpart) kantiino Supersymmetry trajylanxyvelminra, traji ve minra photino gusniino gluino gluiino gravitino gravitino slepton leptiino squark kuarkiino sneutrino nurtiino States excited state/excitation nenzenkai exciton (of generic quantum particle) exciton (of electron) dropleton ka'urdigoni phonon Bose-Einstein condensate polariton soliton electronhole liquid electronhole lektonclau quantonhole ka'urclau quantum particle/quanton hole (x1 is a quanton hole in material x2 pertaining to missing quanton x3 and which is in state/role/position/with properities x4) degeneracy pressure bound state positronium wave-particle duality superposition superposition of states wavefunction wavefunction collapse

dark matter fredie strong nuclear interaction weak nuclear interaction isospin weak isospin generic charge spinor

quantization </tab>