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BPFK Section: Text Structure Discursives I6 discursive: imperative (Experimental cmavo proposed by guskant.)

Broader term than BPFK Section: Irrealis Attitudinals u, a'o, e'o, e'u, e'a, ei.

"ko" is a short form of "do ko'oi".

  • Examples:
    • do .onai ko'oi lo mi speni co'a morsi (as a translation of "あなたが死ぬか夫が死ぬか、どちらか一人死んでくれ". riginal text in Japanese.)
    • ra ko'oi citka lo brioco (as a translation of "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche." riginal text in French.)
    • lo ko'oi se platu be do ku te snada (as a translation of "Puissent vos projets réussir !")
    • mi ko'oi dandu janai jifsku (as a translation of "Que je sois pendu si je mens.")