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i la'e di'e pagbu le jecrkolorado

  • boldur (Boulder County)
    • boldur (Boulder)
    • longmont (Longmont)
      • Isn't that pronounced with medial /Nm/ instead of /ngm/ - meaning that it is lonmont?
        • ...everyone with whom I associate pronounces the 'g'. I'd like to think that counts for something, since I live in Longmont. :) --jay
  • denvr (Denver County)
    • denvr (Denver)
  • laremur (Larimer County)
    • fortkolinz (Fort Collins)
  • elpa,son (El Paso County)
    • koloradospringz (Colorado Springs)
      • That one's definitely always koloradosprinz - nobody pronounces the g in spring!
        • I find that hard to swallow, but if you think you're authoritative, then by all means, change it. (I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it even close to that, but, shrug...) --jay

I'm going to couch the above by saying that I have a hard time hearing individual sounds, but I'm pretty sure that the 'g' is present in both, and so are the other two Coloradans living in my house. --jay

I have heard both names many times, and I would have changed it had I ever heard either from the mouth of a Coloradan (which I haven't). I stand corrected. - .kreig.daniyl. (noi xabju la bertikarolinas)

The standard Colorado accent is different from the standard accent I have encountered in and around North Carolina, fwiw. --jay