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[[File:jbogu`e pixra.png|thumb|lo jbogu'e]]The folks who developed [[Stub:_Optimized_Lojban|La Bangu]] originally conceived by [[User:xorxes|la xorxes]] in the form of [[Old_Pages:_zasni_gerna_cenba_vreji|zasni gerna]]
#REDIRECT [[lojban Introductory Brochure]]
If you think you belong to them please add your name.
[[User:selpa'i|la selpa'i]] (the only candidate for being the king but who refused to be a king)
:[[User:selpa'i|la selpa'i]]:
:actually, I offered to take over, but eventually withdrew my offer due to certain people distrusting me. make of that what you will</tt>
je [[User:Tsani|la tsani]] (another smart guy) je [[User: latro`a|la latro'a]] (our best logician) je [[User:gleki|la gleki]] (the most annoying person) je [[User:ilmen|la .ilmen.]] (the one who developed our [[La Bangu: ilmentufa|parser]])
Inhabit '''lo stuna jbogu'e'''.
Extensions to Standard Lojban include treating [[jbocre: ''ka'' versus ''du'u'', and ''ce'u'' and ''zo'e''|ce'u]], bridi relative clause (the new meaning of {soi}) etc.

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