format of Gismu Lists

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You will mainly work with a Unicode text file which will probably become a module for Parallel 2 - created by you.

The format for modules is described in the Readme.txt from Parallel, so I won't repeat it here.

How to prepare sound files for Parallel? They must be audible but not too large in size, in order to be downloadable by most users over the Internet. In addition, there is a reason to listen to low-quality sound. Your ears and brain get accustomed to harsh conditions. No pain - no gain! So saving in MP3 format is recommended, with following settings:

  • Mono
  • 16 kBit/s
  • 8,000 Hz

For recording and editing, I use 44100 Hz resolution.

After recording the sentence, I cut the initial silence, then cut the final silence, but leaving about 0.1 s to be consumed by MP3 encoder.

After that I normalize the sound with Normalize RMS to -10 dB (speech) (Sound Forge feature).