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I recently finished learning the rafsi. I had the impression, while I was learning, that if the rafsi could match an English word for the selrafsi, then it did. What an insidious bias! Examples:

cliva liv leave

farlu fal fall

fonmo fom foam

fonxa fon phone

jbama bam bomb

mamta mam mom

notci not note

But when I checked more carefully, I found just as many words which didn't follow that pattern. Probably it is only a coincidence caused by the way the gismu are constructed. Here are examples, with non-rafsi marked "*":

dirba dib *dir dear

mluni lun *mun moon

patxu pax *pat pot

penbi peb *pen pen

plipe pip pi'e *lip leap

simlu mlu *sim seem

xlura xlu *lur lure

The lists are not complete.

Remember, the world does not contain enough useless information!

mi'e jezrax