camera obscura

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  • manku kumfa?
    • The words mean literally "dark room", but although a darkroom is a dark room, it is not a camera obscura.
  • manku kacma?
kacma = x1 is a camera/photographic equipment recording illumination type x2 images to media x3

A camera obscura is a camera which, by direct optical means, displays its image rather than recording it. One translation is kacma fi zi'o.

  • The lujvo for kacma fi zi'o is zilcibykacma
  • jezrax:
    • We don't need to make up Lojban words to exactly match English words. A camera obscura where you walk in and the image is projected on a wall could be a kumfa kacma (room camera) or a kacma je kumfa (camera and room). The kind used by artists to help in sketching could be a drawing aid, and so on. There are many ways to say any given thing; choose one that says what you want.

Common error

Not kacma fi no da since that would be anything (such as a tree) which has nothing to record images on kacma fi noda!).

See also discussion of kacma fi noda.