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* Category: '''[[:Category:jbopre|jbopre]]''' (list of several Lojbanists)
'''Learn Lojban'''
A favorable term in [[jbocre: Kahloism|Kahloism]], also.
*'''[[Lojban Introductory Brochure]]'''
*'''[[The Complete Lojban Language]]'''
*Category: '''[[:Category:nu jbocli|nu jbocli]]''' ("Lojban learning")
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'''Texts in Lojban'''
*Lojban texts '''[[jbobau selci'a fi'o terste tu'a lo finti ja fanva|by author/translator]]''' or '''[[jbobau selci'a|by category]]'''
*'''[[ju'i lobypli]]''', a periodical publication during Lojban's formative years
*'''[[contact us|Contact us]]'''
*'''[[me la mambl moi voksa nu casnu|''Mumble'' voice chat]]'''
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'''Video and Sound'''
*'''[[lo vreji pe lo nunctu pe la tsani|Sound recordings of teaching by tsani]]'''
*'''[[Lojban.SE]]''', about the ongoing effort to create a '''[http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/46646/lojban-language-usage Lojban StackExchange]'''

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A favorable term in Kahloism, also.