abstract Algebra

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  • group (sujgri)
    • x1 is a group with elements x2 and operation x3se girzu is the identity, inverse, and associativity laws and drops out
      • Is each element a se sujgri? Could you give an example sentence with sujgri as selbri? Thank you. --xorxes
        • la firgrup. sujgri lu'i li no bi'i ci le kaxycauvlina (anyone have a better word for that?) -phma
          • But then x2 is the set, not the elements, right? --xorxes
  • ring (piljygri)
    • x1 is a ring with elements x2, addition x3, and multiplication x4
  • division ring (dilcygri)
  • field
  • natural number (rarna'u)
  • integer (mulna'u)
  • rational number (frinu or pabna'u)
  • irrational number (nalpabna'u)
  • real number (zatna'u)
  • imaginary number (not ka'orna'u, so what?)
  • complex number (lujna'u)
  • quaternion
  • p-adic number (fatysaclu be fi li py namcu)
  • identity (mi'uzba?)
  • inverse (dukti)