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This page is still a pre-draft. Please don’t touch! (put ev. comments in Discussion)

Any kind of comments in Discussion on this page or any lesson are very welcome.

These are vocabulary lessons for lojban.

Some grammar might be reviewed, but don't count on it.

These are now in pre-alpha, bring your own knowledge of colors:

(they are only missing picture(s) (and polish))

Lesson 1 - Hi and bye [pre-alpha, slightly useable]

L2- Colors [pre-alpha, not useable]

L12- Numbers 1a (with learning advice) [pre-alpha, slightly useable]

L3- Fruit [pre-alpha, slightly useable]

L4- Materials 1a [alpha-level]

(Feel free to suggest pictures for those lessons that have none or incomplete pictures.

Or replacement pictures that are less eyesores than the current ones

(the colors have to be pretty much the same thou).)

I probably want to put these here, since I think they will allow me to write more of the following lessons in lojban:

(even through they are barely pre-drafts as of yet)

L6- Questions and commands

L7- Words about words

These are perhaps pre-drafts (or perhaps drafts):

L5- Family (1a)

L6- Pronouns 1a (grammar and ideoms ahoy)

L7- Drink

L8- Clothes

L9- Animals 1a

L10- Family 1b

L11- Places in settlements 1

L13- The head

L14- The future

L15- The present

L16- The past

L17- Units of time

L18- Numbers 1b (w usage advice)

L19- Geography 1a - continents

L20- Family 1c


Magic Words

Logic 1abc [Probably just telling people to read the chapter in the CLL mostly]

Body parts

Reading lojban texts found in the wild I

Protodrafts (not to become single lessons with contents nearly as-is):

4- Materials

5- People

5- Relatives

comparison BLV:

Colors 1

people 1

Drinks 1

food 1

clothes 1

Body parts

-body 1

-head 1

Clothing parts

Places 1

not containers

Not books

not community, but bad ref

comparison AK1

greetings 1