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Initially proposed by La Gleki.

Parts of this proposal

  • if the meaning needed for a brivla doesn't exist among gismu but already exists in major natlangs
    1. try selecting those words from natlangs that can be borrowed as lo fu'ivla without mutilating their form much. Example: alkanse, alfabeta.
      • Warning: don't try adding any phonemes into the word to make it compatible with Lojban morphology, instead try choosing a different natlang word. Example of violation: sko'opu.
      • It's possible to add ' or glide vowels i and u when needed, though. Example: itku'ile
      • double mm in Latin-derived words turns into nm
      • for Romance languages:
        • change the first syllable of borrowed words when necessary to be able to parse it as a fu’ivla (regexp notation):
          • ^d([aeiou]) => dj$1 (ala Rio de Janeiro). “distribui” (to distribute) = > djistribu
          • ^t([aeiou]) => tc$1 (ala Rio de Janeiro)
          • ^z([aeiou]) => dz$1
          • ^s([aeiou]) => ts$1. safari => tsafari
          • ^g([aeiou]) => eng$1
          • ^k([aeiou]) => enk$1
          • ^j([aeiou]) => dj$1
          • ^c([aeiou]) => tc$1
    2. If the previous rule can't be done:
      • Try searching among synonyms of this word among natlangs.
      • Try searching among less spread natlangs.
    3. If the meaning needed reflects concept to a significant degree specific to the culture of people speaking certain local language try using fu'ivla-looking words from this language. Examples: encere, ci'onmau.
    4. If this still doesn't help try adding en- or el- prefix. Example: ente'atro
  • If you research in natlangs and see that the meaning doesn't exist in any known to you natlangs and isn't specific to Lojban
    1. try inventing lo blalalavla, i.e. lo zi'evla done using your imagination. Try inventing words for which your proposed sounding should match the meaning. Example: kreivi
  • If the meaning is specific to Lojban:
    1. invent lo jbofuvi. Examples: jbofuvi, terjoma