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U is a Zen conlang invented by a conlanger arseniiv in 2013.

Phonemic inventory of U consists of a single phoneme /u/, that has all possible implementations by virtue of the non-existence of minimal pairs.

Lexicon of U consists of one word u /u/ meaning it's pointless, it's nonsense, it's not necessary, it does not exist, ⊥. The repetition of the word, as well as its absence does not affect the meaning.

U uses phonetic writing. Anything written can be considered as /u/.

You can not determine whether an inscription is written in U or not in U, you cannot say whether your friend said to you something in U or not in U, so that's why is it and that's why isn't it u? Anyway, u.

Notorious features

U seems to be the conlang most completely described among others in its grammar, phonetics, usage and semantics.


zoi .zoi.

u u u u u
u u u u u u u
u u u u u 

.zoi. pemcrxaiku fi la ckiku