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The complete list of issues related to Lojban, Lojban community, Lojbanistan. No need to insert lengthy explanations of issues. Instead you may just link to them.

Approved places to discuss issues: Server-related

Main referals of should be pretty

Lojban should be learnable

  • Create more textbooks and new dictionaries like in The Crash Course method project.
  • Create more video and audio-courses, use direct method of teaching (picture books). Use situation-based, not encyclopaedic/dictionary-based approach.
  • create a corpus of texts in Simple Lojban.
  • Fix this page: te gerna la lojban, all texts need to be imported to this wiki and then proofread.
  • Publish books on Amazon and other shops (which?)

Not just English!

  • Translate existing learning resources like listed here to your native languages.

Software should help you learn Lojban

Bind your language to Lojban

  • Create glossers that use advanced parsing of Lojban to transform it into controlled natlangs like STE or ACE.
  • Ultimate parser for Lojban

How to connect to the community

  • improving live chat support


Parsing Lojban texts



Literary language

Artifical Intelligence - machine translation



  • The work fully done is to be put onto Talk:ToDo page.