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*[[w:Lojban|Wikipedia: Lojban]]
''This template produces [[w:COinS|COinS]] metadata; see [[Wikipedia:COinS|COinS in Wikipedia]] for background information.''<includeonly>[[Category:Templates generating COinS|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>
*[http://www.loglan.org/ Official Loglan Homepage]
*[http://www.lojban.org/jbovlaste/ Online Lojban Dictionary]
*[http://lojban.org/publications/cll.html Printed copy of <u>The Complete Lojban Language</u>] by John Woldemar Cowan ISBN 0-9660283-0-9
*[http://www.lojban.org/tiki/ Lojban Wiki]
*[http://ptolemy.tlg.uci.edu/~opoudjis/lojbanbrochure/lessons/book1.html Lojban for Beginners Lessons]
*[http://www.lojban.org/jboski/index.php lojbo skicu] (jbofi'e) - Automatic Lojban parser and glosser
*[http://www.thestonecutters.net/xod/lojban/gismu-thesaurus.html Gismu Thesaurus]
[[Category:Templates generating COinS| ]]

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This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

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