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Use this template to quote other editors comments on talk pages. It can be safely used after colon-indenting as well (see the #Indenting example below).


Unnamed (positional) parameters
  • text must come before by (if by is specified).
Using named parameters
Explanation of named parameters
  • text: The text being quoted (required).
  • by: The author of the text being quoted (not required).
  • source: The source of the text being quoted (not required). Use instead of by when source is not individual user.
  • oldid: The revision ID of the edit introducing the change that was made (not required).
  • ts: The timestamp of the text being quoted (not required unless diff is specified).


  • {{notci|some random text|Example}} gives:
some random text

  • {{notci|more random text|Example|ts=~~~~~}} gives:
more random text

  • {{notci|different random text|Example|ts=~~~~~|oldid=139992}} gives:
different random text


  • The following wiki-markup:
Random paragraph of text. [[User:Example|Example]] ([[User talk:Example|talk]]) 09:20, 21 May 2011 (UTC)
:Opening statement by [[User:User|Some other user]].
:{{notci|Quoting an item from random paragraph.}}
:Response to quoted text. [[User:User|Some other user]] ([[User talk:User|talk]]) ~~~~~
  • Gives the following:

Random paragraph of text. Example (talk) 09:20, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

Opening statement by Some other user.
Quoting an item from random paragraph.

Response to quoted text. Some other user (talk) 09:26, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

Quoting lists

If the text you are quoting is a bulleted or numbered list, the first list item must start on a new line, or it won't be rendered properly. For example:

Wiki-markup Output
Wrong way
{{notci|* Item one
* Item two
First item isn't bulleted correctly:
  • Item one
  • Item two

Right way
* Item one
* Item two
All items are bulleted correctly:
  • Item one
  • Item two

If you are using the |text= named parameter, the MediaWiki parser automatically removes line breaks at the start of the text, causing the list to be displayed improperly. To stop this happening, add <nowiki /> after the = sign:

Wiki-markup Output
Wrong way
# Item one
# Item two
First item isn't numbered correctly:

Right way
{{notci|text=<nowiki />
# Item one
# Item two
All items are numbered correctly:

See also

  • Template:Bq—quote without border, page-wide; like (and compatible with parameters of) the older {{Quote}} but with more features; conversion from all others listed here is trivially easy (retaining key data, losing decoration, etc.)
  • Template:Centered pull quote—pull quote between large quotation marks, page-wide; should rarely be used in articles and is not for block quotations, only pull quotes
  • Template:Quote—quote without border, page-wide, smaller-sized attribution
  • Template:Quotation—quote with border, page-wide
  • Template:Quote box—quote with border, in a reduced floating box
  • Template:Rquote—pull quote between large quotation marks, in a reduced floating area; also rarely appropriate in articles
  • Template:notci—for quoting other editors (or guidelines, etc.) on talk pages (in a block)
  • Template:Tq—for quoting on talk pages, inline
  • Category:Quotation templates