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Citation Style 1 templates
{{Cite arXiv}} arXiv preprints
{{Cite AV media}} audio and visual media
{{Cite AV media notes}} AV media liner notes
{{Cite bioRxiv}} bioRxiv preprints
{{Cite book}} books and chapters
{{Cite citeseerx}} CiteSeerX papers
{{Cite conference}} conference papers
{{Cite encyclopedia}} edited collections
{{Cite episode}} radio or TV episodes
{{Cite interview}} interviews
{{Cite journal}} academic journals
{{Cite magazine}} magazines, periodicals
{{Cite mailing list}} public mailing lists
{{Cite map}} maps
{{Cite news}} news articles
{{Cite newsgroup}} online newsgroups
{{Cite podcast}} podcasts
{{Cite press release}} press releases
{{Cite report}} reports
{{Cite serial}} audio or video serials
{{Cite sign}} signs, plaques
{{Cite speech}} speeches
{{Cite ssrn}} SSRN papers
{{Cite techreport}} technical reports
{{Cite thesis}} theses
{{Cite web}} web sources not covered by the above
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