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This template is a "subroutine" of {{Citation/core}} used for conditionally making links for the chapter= and title= fields in a citation.

It is invoked as:

{{Citation/make link
| 1 = <value of IncludedWorkURL= or URL= or PMC= parameters>
| 2 = <value of IncludedWorkTitle= or Title= parameters>

It uses the following algorithm:

  1. If the first parameter is empty, it returns the second parameter as plain text.
  2. If the first parameter is a URL, it returns the second parameter wrapped inside an external link to the first.

This "subroutine" is designed for {{Citation/core}} and makes assumptions that may not be valid elsewhere.


  • "{{Citation/make link||BBC News front page}}" produces "BBC News front page".
  • "{{Citation/make link|http://news.bbc.co.uk/|BBC News front page}}" produces "BBC News front page".

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