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About the license

I added a license to the text, so everybody knows what they can and cannot do with the text.

As I am not the author, and so have no right to choose a license by myself, here is a log of the discussion I had with Michael Turniansky on the matter:

I have a question about a story of yours (in lojban), and copyright. Do you mind if I ask you here?
Sure, that's fine... I"m guessing it's about Terry the Tiger?
Yes. I developped a tool that can highlight parts of the text with a translation (to help learn lojban), and I took your text from the wiki to have something to work with while developping. Then, I put my work online, and your text with it. I guess that for many people it is not a big deal, but it is important for me to respect copyright, which I did not do in this process, as there was no mention anywhere that I could copy your text. So, I am asking express permission from you :-).
I would also suggest, if you don’t mind this kind of practice, to explicitly say so, by giving your text a license (like a Creative Common). Only if that is what you want, of course… If you prefer that people ask permission directly, then the current situation is perfectly fine.
Thank you for your consideration.
Oh, yes, I definitely consider all my works CC BY-NC Feel free to use it for whatever non $ purpose you wish.
(jsut make sure my name is on it)
Ok. Thank you very much :-)
Can I add a CC-by-nc mention on the wiki ? (so that other people know about it too…)

(and yes, I also asked permission to put this conversation online ;-))

--Daeldir (talk) 09:04, 15 September 2016 (PDT)